Holistic Massage

What is Holistic massage?

Holistic Massage is a therapeutic application of touch that is catered to each client personally. It is a supportive, relaxing treatment that can allow one’s mind to take a break from daily life, whilst encouraging an improvement in ones energy. This treatment can also be uplifting for the spirit on an emotional level. 


The treatment is designed to not only tackle muscular tension or day to day aches and pains, but to treat an individual as a whole. Rebalancing the body, mind and spirit.

How Holistic Massage Can Help You?

Our daily lifestyle and activities can impact on our body in many ways. We can easily become tired, stressed, anxious, exhausted and generally overtaxed. At this point it is our body’s way telling up to slow down. Holistic massage can create instant improvement in a number of different ways including:

·        Improving the quality of sleep and concentration.

·        Improve circulation and waste removal.

·        Encourage deeper, more relaxed breathing.

·        Relaxing taut muscles.

·        Aiding lymphatic drainage.

·        Releasing toxins.

·        Reducing Physical and Emotional stress.

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